Magic realist

The creation of a new painting starts with the preparation of the canvas. As I prefer a very smooth surface, the canvas is primed with 4-6 layers of Gesso, sanded down after every layer with fine sandpaper. Once the desired smoothness of the canvas has been achieved the drawing is transferred to the canvas by pencil and dark ink. After preparation of the canvas my first pass is a transparent monochromatic underpainting covering the whole canvas using Burned Umber thinned with Turpentine. In this first layer I try to get my composition settled.
The next step is a grisaille underpainting  using Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Burt Umber and Ultramarin Blue, sometimes also Natural Umber or Van Dyck Brown. I carefully develop all the forms at this stage so that I would not need to make significant corrections later on. I also pay attention to the warm and cool areas and to the correct right dark and light values. After that I introduce other higher chroma colors and refine the details. Finally, when the paint has dried I make a few last passes of glazing to enhance the contrast and to make sure that the image is working as a whole. Because after each pass the painting has to dry, it can take several months before the painting has been finished. During the creation of my work I listen always to classical music. For me the music is as important as the pencils I use.