Magic realist

I get my inspiration from daily live, particular events that struck me and the beauty of nature, objects or sights. In the next days or even weeks I  consider several possible compositions in my imagination. Once I have decided on the best one, I make a rough thumbnail sketch. The next step is a full size drawing on paper in which often also photographic material is used. To suit the composition the photographs are reworked, cropped, and later on during the painting, adjusted the get the right light fall and tone. During the painting sometimes spontaneous changes are made to the composition although I try to keep this to a minimum. 
For portraits I make use of a series of pictures taken by myself from which I select the best one. Although I realize that it might probably be better to paint from life, it is in fact unpractical to ask someone to pose several times for many hours in modern life. In order to get an impression of the character of the person, I prefer to meet at least once and not to paint only from a photograph.