Magic realist

Rob van Klaveren was born in 1959 in Deventer, the Netherlands.
He discovered the joy of painting during his high school period when he started to experiment with oil painting, initially on hard board, later on canvas. He never took lessons in oil painting. When he started his study in Medicine in 1978, and later on, during his training as a pulmonologist, he always had his easel next to his writing desk so that he could alternate studying with painting, which became more and more a passion for him. From the period 1975-1998 his first series of paintings originate.

During the years 1998-2010 no paintings were created because of his busy professional career as an academic pulmonary oncologist. During this time period he was, among other things, involved in the Dutch national lung cancer screening trial and published more than 100 papers in scientific journals. Even though this was a busy period, his interest in art and especially in painting remained, and when more spare time became available after a career move in 2011, he decided to pick up painting again. Since then, approximately 4-5 paintings per year are created. In 2013 he was registered as a self-taught professional artist by the Dutch KuBRA foundation. In 2014 he became member of Dutch Master Painters. His style is Magic realism. In 2021 he was nominated for the Dutch Portrait Price (DNP).